The company's aim is to make new and innovative tools for the translation industry. As our punch line (technology...translated!!!) suggests, we believe that technology can bring a radical change in the way translations are done. The patent for our first tool has been successfully filed, which underlines our innovative prowess. Brief on this tool is given below:


This tool helps the translator in searching for the meaning of a word while remaining in the text editor itself. Some of the features of this tool are:

  • Translator can use it on any text editor
  • Tool shows the meaning on the editor itself without the necessity to move to another window
  • 50-60% faster than comparable online dictionaries
  • It can work offline
  • Improves the translation quality
  • Patented tool
  • Free to use for translators
More such tools are being developed and will be made available to the translators/companies very soon.